Picture in your Head Song and Lyrics Written By: Jacob MacMillan Feb 2016 

Slowly sunlight hits my eyes
Wake to realize 
It’s been years 

How could I 

Stay connected to you 
You make me smile 
When I’m with you 

Insane pain decays 
I still get frustrated 
I’m so reminisced

And lost 

I don't know when it 
Became so romantic 
To go off all frantic 
And drive 

I still get ID'd 
I’m chill I got my ideas 
Always gonna see why 
The bee stings before it dies 

It’s gotta a little bit of fight
Before it reaches that final light
And takes it’s last flight




No regrets I have 
Too many start to sweat
Cannot separate it from  

I’ll calm down when I find
A nice place to hide I’ll  
Play my fingers ’til they bled  

Frozen beyond panic  
Blood flows slow Atlantic  
Ocean coves  
Of my mind  

Can I paint a picture in your head  
Using the sounds of my bones  
Rattling up from the dead  
You know those people are gone  

Still in my music and in my hands 
I still see them through songs  
And I pretend it’s still back then  
It's still back then you know