Crying on the Phone Song and Lyrics Written By: Jacob MacMillan January 2016

Called me crying on the phone
Told me you missed me it's hard alone
If you look inside your heart
Scary but it's a start 

You'll see I'm always there
Playing tunes cancer you hear
When you are feeling low
Listen to your heart and soul 

18 years old
Saint like I thought so
Didn't even have to try
You came and got me 

Didn't understand it
Didn't wanna know why
We spent the whole night baby
We watched the sunrise 






'Til you took me for a long ride baby 
You know It's one I won't forget 
I took you for a long ride baby 
You know It's one you won't regret  

Why'd we wait 
How'd we fake it so long 
Just to drop it all and 
To be alone  

Well I don't know 
Maybe that's love baby  

Had to stay 
Had to work on night long 
Just to have a home oh now Darling 
I don't know if you'll ever know what that's like