A message from Jacob:

Thank you to Rebecca Massey for the huge financial and emotional support provided in making this album. I could not have done this without Rebecca's help and I am forever grateful.  We have known each other for 2 decades and she has always been a true source of my love and inspiration. I can't thank her enough for being there for me and believing in my dreams.  

Thank you to Jim and Joan MacMillan (my parents) for the financial and emotional support too. I am very lucky to have supportive loving parents. I thank them for the opportunities growing up that allow me to pursue a life of music. Thank you for everything.

While living in Grand Forks, BC I met Sacha and Michel Joseph Pétulli. They run PMT Studio and provide a practice room,instruments, sound equipment and a recording studio. After hearing and jamming my originals they were interested in recording my first solo album. I have enjoyed learning from their musical experiences as well as their expertise on sound engineering and mastering. They have been like family to me out west and I can't thank them enough for always making me feel at home. I look forward to continuing to create music with PMT Studio.



I would love to thank everyone in detail but that would take a novel. Instead,  I will list names of friends, band mates, music teachers, and family that have helped me grow, learn and play. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to:

Harry Powell

Catharine Powel

Barb MacMillan

Doug MacMillan

Jim MacMillan

Joan MacMillan

Heather MacMillan

Morgan MacMillan

Crawford Hunter

Jonathan Mink-Rice

Nathaniel Mink-Rice

Pat DeCourcy

Debbie Mink

Steve Mink

Jordan Casagnette

Trish Hartman

David Hartman

John Hartman

Arley Massey

Mary Massey

Bob Massey

Steve Millar

Ryan Scherer

Kyle Merrit

Brent Robitaille

The Winters

Blake Smith

Louis Léfaive

Evain Maurice

Tim Haats

Steffan Walma

Madesta B

Elyse Silverman

Matt Schae

Darcy Pietrasik

Sacha Pétulli

Michel Joseph Pétulli

Michelle Croissant

Leif Churhill

Mike Oneill

Jam Chato

Drew Oliver

Mark Wolford

Sarah Orlowski