Waves We Know 
Song and Lyrics written by: Jacob MacMillan Oct 2009 

I was told to go down to the waves we all know 
Soak my bones all alone soak my bones 
But the tide pulls me out and I started to shout 
Take me home take me home back to my road 

When I opened my mouth the water went south
Down my lungs I am done down my lungs
So I sank to the sand and I made it my land
60 feet from the surface I will stand 

Now that seaweeds my coat and the clouds are motor boats
I can see this point of view in the blue in the blue

The ice will create now I have no escape
I will have to stay in the bay all winter long

So I freeze and it gets dark
But I find peace in my art
Can't feel my hands
Can't feel my feet
But I've got a flaming heart
Eternal heat

Well the spring will come and I'll beat my drums
You can meet down at the shore of Georgian Bay
I’ve been thawing out my lungs now I can breath ok
Thanks to the cool blue water of the bay of Georgian Bay

So it's back to my road to become my own
I can't be told to go down to the waves we all know